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machine ontstapelaar


Semi-automatic machines for horizontal and vertical denesting of buckets, pails, cups and pots.



Semi-automatic sealing machines for cups, pails and buckets of plastic or metal.

automatic lidding and lidpress vierkant


Semi-automatic machines for lidding and lid pressing buckets.

automatic production line Ushape vierkant


Full automatic production lines can be realised by combining modules for denesting, sealing and lidding.

GlobeTech builds:

Tailor made

Offering tailor made solutions to fulfil your specific requirements is the strength of our engineers.


Using a heavy stainless steel construction with excellent pneumatic and electrical components guarantees a reliable machine over many years.

User friendly

Our semi-automatic standalone machines are easy to operate all over the world and can also be integrated in a full automatic production line.

Value for money

Customers buy our machines because we deliver a high price-quality-ratio for a reasonable investment.

About GlobeTech

Sophisticated packaging solutions contribute to a better environment by extending shelf life of products, using fewer preservatives and reducing waste of raw materials. We believe sealing technology and giving machines a second life is the answer to this challenge. Our core business is developing and building machines for membrane sealing buckets, pails and pots for the food and non-food industry.

We are a producer of high quality packaging machines and production lines for handling buckets including denesting and lidding within an international environment. The machines are easy to operate and will be used all over the world. Users have the convenience that spare parts and modifications for machines are made by our engineers in company.

Rentals for bucket sealing machines are available. Used machines will find new customers. Furthermore, delivery high quality sealing foils from stock will allow our customers a reliable and flexible production.

- Gijsbert-Jan van der Laan

GlobeTech Gijsbert

GlobeTech offers sophisticated packaging solutions in sealing and bucket handling machines!

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